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XJL Macro-Hook, Insulation Piercing, Long

Our XJL insulation piercing macro-hook test connector is a 5.5 in (138.7mm) heavy-duty test hook with needle for piercing wire. The hook bend and opening allows for connection to larger diameter wire, 14-22 gauge. To assure true readings, the spring is loaded and insulated to a single contact point. Our macro-hooks feature a rugged body design, and thicker hook of 0.050 in (1.27 mm). This part is field serviceable.



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XJL Macro-Hook, Insulation Piercing, Long

The XJL insulation-piercing macro-hook test connector is a modified version of E-Z-Hook’s original heavy-duty XHL macro-hook. This insulation-piercing needle inside the hook provides a contact tip for piercing wire. The XJ is a shorter body version of the insulation-piercing XJL macro-hook.


  • Diagnostic work on hard to reach wires is made easy using E-Z-Hook’s XJ macro-hook insulation-piercing test connectors. Easily grab the exact wire you want to test in order to obtain instant continuity by activating the piercing needle.
  • Ideal for probing and piercing wires in order to allow for connection through wire’s insulation when a direct connection is not possible.
  • Popular as an electronic test component in automotive, energy and electrical testing applications.
  • As a solderless assembly, this test clip also connects to a test lead wire or cable, expanding electronic test functionality.


  • Long, extended body of test hook provides the user the ability to reach wires in hard to reach spaces.
  • Easily pierce wires using the XJ macro-hook. The rounded bend of the test connector allows piercing connection to 12-22 AWG wires.
  • The hypo-action operation ensures a strong and reliable connection, making this product as easy to use tool as well as essential for every technician’s diagnostic needs.
  • Loaded and insulated spring to a single contact point in order to assure true readings.
  • Rugged, nylon body and heavy-duty hook provides technicians with long-lasting use in most demanding test environments.
  • Hook fits wires up to a max diameter of 0.25 in (6.35 mm) or inner hook dimension 0.14 in (3.56 mm).
  • Insulation-piercing needle can pierce wires from 0.05 in (1.27 mm) to 0.15 in (3.81 mm) in diameter. Piercing needle also maintains wire integrity after removal of needle from insulation.
  • Wire exit hole accepts most large gauge 22-14 AWG wire, or a max diameter of 0.2 in (5.07 mm).
  • Part is field serviceable and also allows for hands-free testing and fast installation.


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