The E-Z-Hook DOES IT

For over 40 years, E-Z-Hook’s product line has been continually evolving into a diverse product selection by touching on or exploring new industries, many such discoveries being stumbled upon by accident. One such discovery was with our X100W mini-hook, originally designed for electrical use, which became a staple with fishing enthusiasts. This hook was found to be the perfect tool for fly tying as the intricate nature of tying a fly requires a secure and delicate grip that our hooks are designed to provide. As a bonus, the X100W can be set on the plunger, allowing the fly to dry if adhesive is used, or simply be displayed. From the moment we inadvertently entered the fly-fishing industry with our X100W mini-hook, we have made it our goal to “think outside of the box” when it comes to designing new products for multiple uses.

Hooks for the hobbyist, perfect for tying flies for fly fishing

Fly Fishing, Fly tying holders and hooks

Kit for fly tying for Flyfishing.

Another unanticipated discovery came with beading and jewelry enthusiasts, who found that our products could be an essential tool needed for crafting their projects. While constructing their pieces with the smallest of beads and various other components, our clips and test hooks were found to be perfect for holding the string or wire while they assembled their pieces. For knitting and embroidery enthusiasts, our XM micro-hooks are great markers and for electric train enthusiasts, our test leads are great replacement accessories.

In recent years, STEM Education has brought in some of our youngest and brightest clients. With Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math becoming a prominent part of our youth’s elementary education, we have had product used in science fairs and by high school robotics teams. E-Z-Hook products are often seen in universities’ engineering laboratories and we are happy to customize test and measurement components and kits to fit facility and student needs.
We welcome the unexpected and love to hear how our products are being used.

Diverse products for Hobbyist into electronics

STEM, school test experiment utilizing electronic connections

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