Since the late 1980’s, E-Z Hook has serviced automotive repair technicians and shops with a wide variety of automotive specific testing accessories and DMM test leads available as individual items, sets, and kits. Our insulation piercing macro-hooks and test leads are made to be durable and designed for daily use. Engineered with no sliding contacts, the design ensures an accurate signal, even in the dirtiest and greasiest environments.

For applications where heat and chemicals are highly prevalent, we suggest customizing with silicone leads over Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). E-Z-Hook provides replacement test leads that fit most major digital multimeter manufacturers.

Digital Multimeter Test Leads, Insulation piercing


E-Z-Hook Streamliner, Sam Wheeler

XJL Insulation Piercing Macro-Hook

XEL Insulation Piericing Macro-Hook


Automotive DMM Test Lead Set

Automotive DMM Test Leads and Accessories

Automotive DMM Test Lead Set

As the industry becomes more digital our mini and micro electronic test hooks, leads and connectors are popular in automotive R & D and component testing. We have worked with clients to make custom test lead assemblies and PCB connectors for automotive electronic test and programing requirements

PCB Test Leads, Arduino Leads