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In the early 1970’s E-Z-Hook started manufacturing products specifically designed for military and tactical use. Today we service government and defense organizations at the local and national level. From R&D to on the field applications, our test accessory products are designed to be not only accurate, but rugged and durable. Many of our products have National Stock Numbers (NSN) associated with them. We have a long history of designing and manufacturing test cables and test lead assemblies for government requirements.

E-Z-Hook is capable of meeting government contract requirements from special packaging needs to test lead and connector configurations. Utilizing our in-house engineering capabilities, E-Z-Hook is able to make modifications to our standard product lines to meet military specifications. E-Z-Hook understands designed-in and legacy products are critical to this industry and we strive to be a resource.

E-z-Hook Best quality Coaxial cables

Testing components, wire piercing devices


E-z-Hook manufactures best quality defense equipment

Bomb defuse equipment

EOD Device Testing equipment

EOD Wire Attack Systems

In 2005, we expanded into the explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) space, initially with customized needle beds and then with our XB insulation piercing tactical product line. Today we design and manufacture a growing line of components and test leads specifically designed for bomb squads, military, and tactical requirements. These EOD diagnostic kits, specialty components and bomb detection shunt devices, support personnel in critical and sensitive applications where quality and connectivity are vital. In such a specialized field, many of our EOD products are custom, however, we have launched a collection of standard product kits specifically created to meet the market needs.

636XB with the meter by E-z-Hook

EOD Deployable kit by E-z-Hook

EOD XB insulation piercing

Customizable needle bed clusters

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