For 64 years, E-Z-Hook has manufactured and sold innovative solutions for Test and Measurement. Our electronic test accessories are recognized in multiple industries around the world for their durability and design. With the ever-changing pace in technology, the E-Z-Hook team continues to commit to meet and manufacture products that satisfy the changing needs of our customer and continually evolving marketplace.

A US based manufacturing company, E-Z-Hook remains family owned and operated. Our products are sold world-wide through distributors and factory-direct to customers. Originally started in 1956, Ashford Wood and his son Phelps Wood represented the company prior to purchasing it in 1970. Today, second and third generation family members own and operate the business. Ownership remains dedicated to continuing the values and standards established through hard work, determination, and innovation.

E-Z-Hook Quality Policy

E-Z-HOOK is committed to:
Meeting the requirements of all interested parties.
Continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Company Facts & Features

Company Timeline


In 1956, born out of the humblest of beginnings from Bob Youger’s garage in Covington, Kentucky, came our company E-Z-Hook. This was the starting place for several of the company’s earliest variations of flagship mini-hooks, such as the creation of the E-Z-Clip and the E-Z-Probe.


From 1958 to 1970, Ashford Wood and his son Phelps Wood represented the E-Z-Hook line, as well as several other manufacturers, through the Ash M. Wood Company. During this time frame, E-Z-Hook's product line consisted of only 12 products. E-Z-Hook received their first patents for the company, the patent for the first hypo-action test hook for electrical connections.


In 1971, Phelps Wood and his father Ashford Wood purchased E-Z-Hook from Bob Youger with the firm belief that the company had much potential with their hypo-action hook being unique to the industry. They broadened E-Z-Hook's current mini-hook line, adding micro-hook and macro-hook options. With the ever-evolving technological industry, the original E-Z-Hook was modified, creating the X100W mini-hook model that is still utilized today. During this decade E-Z-Hook established numerous distributors across the globe ranging from Canada, Mexico, South America, and multiple countries throughout Western Europe.


E-Z-Hook aggressively expands into the automotive industry with the development of the XJL and XEL insulation-piercing macro-hooks. During this time, E-Z-Hook continues to add and expand product to other existing product lines, expanding their manufacturing to much more than just test hooks. The company moves into a 24,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Arcadia, California.


As medical equipment becomes more technologically advanced, E-Z-Hook sees the need for electronic connections in the marketplace and proceeds to enter the industry with customized test leads, cables, and hooks. At the same time, E-Z-Hook sees tremendous growth in their electronic field division with E-Z-Hook's XKM test hook becoming a staple for logic analyzers and oscilloscopes.



E-Z-Hook continues designing and developing new products allowing E-Z-Hook to expand their industry reach. The XMR Micro-Hook line is launched, expanding the micro product line to seven hook styles. Designed specifically to accommodate the defense industry and EOD space, E-Z-Hook developed our insulation piercing XB wire clamp. E-Z-Hook further expands its product line into the energy industry with multiple Tag-Out components. Becoming actively involved is the third generation of Wood’s family members. In 2006, E-Z-Hook celebrated its 50th anniversary.


Continued product development has once again allowed E-Z-Hook to expand its product offerings across multiple industries. Our most noticeable area of growth has been the large growth in engineering and development services to support customized products servicing aerospace, defense, energy, and medical. E-Z-Hook continues to meet government and international regulations with an extensive RoHS and REACH compliant product line. In 2018, an extensive plant remodel was completed which was helpful in establishing a more cohesive production environment. In October of 2016, E-Z-Hook obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Present Day

It has been over sixty years and E-Z-Hook is still continuing to dominate in the electrical test accessories industry around the world. With our commitment and dedication to continuously evolving and selling new innovative solutions as they become needed. We aim to provide solutions that industries require to meet their testing requirements. As mandated by E-Z-Hook's Quality Policy, E-Z-Hook is committed to meeting the requirements of all interested parties and continually improving the effectiveness of the ISO:9001 Quality Management System.

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