Aviation & Aerospace Applications

For many years, E-Z-Hook has designed, developed, and manufactured customized products specific for the aerospace industry. We are sought out and entrusted to manufacture test terminals and wire harnessing components for use in avionic, military and space applications. We supply test leads and electronic test components directly to manufacturers of commercial and military aviation equipment and components as well as space devices and systems.

With our extensive line of test cables, hooks, and connectors, E-Z-Hook provides additional products to fill needs that support test laboratories, aviation battery servicing, R & D requirements, and more.

Aerospace repair and electronic testing

Harness Board Components, Custom Aerospace Manufacturing


E-Z-Hook, Aerospace Test and Measurement Accessories

E-Z-Flex Adapter Kit, Socket and Pin Connectors

Avionics, Aerospace, Harness Board Assemblies


Coaxial Connectors and Adapters

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