Product Information

Color Information:

E-Z-Hook offers most products in 10 standard color options and multiple color combinations through our kilo-color system. The standard colors are shown in the table below, with the E-Z-Hook abbreviation used on part numbers, as well as the resistor color code numbering system.  To order a kilo color combination, please reference the kilo-color chart and contact our order desk.

Kilo-Colors allow any of 1000 color combinations in any of the basic E-Z-Hooks.

TO ORDER KILO-COLOR: Simply add the resistor color code numbers necessary to create the desired color combination to the base part number.

KILO-COLOR EXAMPLE: Shown with E-Z-Micro-Hook to .025” square socket.

* Note: On jumpers, E-Z-Hooks will be matched to one another. Specify 3 digits only.

Sets Information:

All colored parts can be made available in standard set combinations or customized to meet requirements. For more information, please contact us.

Standard Sets:

  • R/B = 1 red, 1 black
  • S = 1 each of 10 colors
  • S(color)= 10 of one color
  • S14 = Set of 10 solid, plus 4 kilo color*
  • S16 = Set of 10 solid, plus 6 kilo color*
    (Ex. 204W-12-S or 204W-12-R/B or 204W-120-S14)
    (*Kilo Colors in S14 & S16 are preselected colors, unless customized by request)

Lead Length:

E-Z-Hook test leads and test cables are available standard and custom lengths. All length measurements are made in inches as shown in the diagram below. For more information on customization, please contact us.

Standard lengths in inches for test lead and patch cord assemblies:Standard lengths in inches for cable assemblies:
3" (7.62cm)6" (15.24cm)
4" (10.16cm)12" (30.48cm)
6" (15.24cm)18" (45.72cm)
8" (20.32cm)24" (60.96cm)
12" (30.48cm)30" (76.2cm)
18" (45.72cm)36" (91.44cm)
24" (60.96cm)48" (121.92cm)
36" (91.44cm)60" (152.4cm)
48" (121.92cm)*shorter and longer lengths available
60" (152.4cm)

Field Servicing Information:

Most of E-Z-Hooks Test-hooks are designed to be field serviceable. To replace a lead wire:

  1. Pull on the plunger until it slips free of the body. *
  2. Strip lead wire 3/4″ (19mm), feed wire through plunger and wrap around terminal as shown in figure 1.
  3. Solder and cut off excess wire at solder point.
  4. Reassemble part, making sure the terminal and nylon fins enter their respective grooves.
  5. Keep slack in lead wire pulled out while assembling to prevent binding.



*NOTE/ WARNING: To disassemble XM Micro-Hook connectors or leads, actuate plunger to expose hook and grasp behind hook with long nose pliers before pulling plunger off. Failure to do so will result in damage to part.