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XH Macro-Hook

The XH macro-hook test connector, E-Z-Hook’s original macro-hook, is a 3.25 in (82.55 mm) heavy-duty test hook ideal for connections over large leads, lugs, and terminals. To assure true readings, the spring is loaded and insulated to a single contact point. The macro-hooks feature a thicker hook and conductor of 0.050 in (1.27 mm). This XH model has seen its fair share of modifications over the years, so check out our other models to find the hook with the right modifications to fit your testing requirements.



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alsXH Macro-Hook

A heavy-duty test hook, the XH is one of E-Z-Hook’s Macro-Hook test connectors. The rugged body and thicker blade are perfect for industrial, energy, and automotive connections over large leads, lugs, and terminals.

  • Other heavy-duty XH style test hooks: (XHL) long (5”) body style, (XCH) copper contact blade (XD) right-angle bend contact blade, and also the (XJ) insulation-piercing contact blade.


  • Ideal for industrial environments where current, strong contact pressure, and strength of contact is required
  • Popular as an electronic test component among technicians for repair and testing. Also used in various industrial and electrical applications across multiple industries including energy, automotive, and medical.
  • As a solderless assembly, this test clip also connects to a test lead wire or cable, expanding electronic test functionality.


  • Hook fits components up to a max diameter of 0.25 in (6.35 mm); inner hook dimension 0.14 in (3.56mm).
  • Wire exit hole accepts most large gauge wire, 20-12 AWG, or a max diameter of 0.2 in (5.07 mm).
  • Rugged, nylon body and heavy-duty hook provides technicians with long-lasting use in most demanding test environments.
  • Loaded and insulated spring to a single contact point in order to assure true readings.
  • Part is field serviceable and also allows for hands-free testing and fast installation.


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