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X2015 Double Gripper Micro-Hook

The X2015 double gripper micro-hook test connector, the smallest of our double micro-hooks, permits connection to any 0.030 in (0.762 mm) diameter socket patch cord. Designed for use with surface mount devices or where connection point is very small, the insulated shaft allows for simultaneous side by side connections in tight spaces. To ensure accurate readings this part is designed with no sliding contact points.



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X2015 Double Gripper Micro-Hook

The ultra thin X2015 double-hook (double-grabber) test connector is the smallest of E-Z-Hook’s micro-hooks, fully insulated to provide a solid contact in the smallest test environments. The 0.03 in (0.76 mm) max hook opening provides E-Z-Hook’s largest double hook opening capacity.

  • Other Double-Hooks: (XKM) narrow connector with two 0.025 in (0.635 mm) square pins for connection, (XK) 0.01 in (0.254 mm) max hook opening, or (XK25SS) 0.01 in (0.254 mm) max hook opening with stainless steel blade.


  • Designed for use with surface mount devices or where connection point is small in order to test electronic components connections; popular as an oscilloscope probe.
  • Mates with 0.030″ diameter socket E-Z-Hook test lead or patch cord in order to quickly pair with electronic test connectors.
  • These test clips are great for testing miniature components, IC connectors, IC pins, CIP & SMD, electrical test boards, and for use with Arduino products.


  • The fully insulated, narrow body design allows for easy connection in tight spaces. Also ideal for simultaneous connections with side-by-side stacking of the test connectors.
  • Hook fits over components up to a max opening diameter of 0.030 in (0.76 mm).
  • Pin makes easy connection to 0.03 in (0.76 mm) or 0.025 in (0.64 mm) diameter square socket test leads and patch cords. Quickly pair with test lead in order to make an electronic connection.
  • Hooks and 0.03 in (0.76 mm) pin plugs directly connect to ensure accurate reading with no sliding contact points.
  • As a solderless assembly, this test clip also connects to a test lead wire or patch cord, expanding electronic test functionality. Part is field serviceable and also allows for hands-free testing and fast installation.
  • Tip design that permits hooks up vertically or horizontally.


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