613XEL XEL Macro Test Hook to Lead Only Test Lead613XEL XEL Macro Test Hook to Lead Only Test Lead



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XEL Macro-Hook to Lead Only, 18 AWG PVC Test Lead

The 613XEL test lead features our XEL Insulation Piercing E-Z-Macro-Hook to lead only. The XEL offers a shrouded banana plug socket for additional connections and pierces 32-18 AWG wire. The test leads utilize 18 AWG PVC wire or 20 AWG PVC coil cord wire.



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XEL Macro-Hook to Lead Only, 18 AWG PVC Test Lead

The 613XEL test lead features the XEL insulation-piercing E-Z-Macro-Hook to lead only. This test lead has a stripped wire end to be wire wrapped, crimped or soldered to a test connector. The narrow body insulation-piercing XEL macro test hook makes testing easy in small and hard to reach areas. This test connector is also designed for piercing 32-18 AWG wire. In addition, the T-Shaped handle of the test hook has a shrouded banana plug socket on the side. This allows technicians to easily plug in test leads from an angle in order to get straight to work for diagnostic testing. The test leads utilize 18 AWG PVC wire or 20 AWG PVC coil cord wire.

  • Other XEL hook 18 AWG PVC test leads to: silicone (413XEL), jumper (604XEL), heavy-duty 4 mm banana plug (BXEL), heavy-duty 0.08 in (2.03 mm) pin plug (AXEL), insulated alligator clip (619XEL), shrouded right-angle 4 mm banana plug (633XEL, 634XEL). These are also all available with silicone wire.


  • Accurate and consistent diagnostic work on hard to reach wires.
  • Technicians can use their own leads and plug into the (1) banana socket (jack) on the side of the T-handle for quick connections. This makes diagnostics a breeze with any multimeter.
  • Popular as a heavy-duty electronic test component in automotive, energy and electrical applications.
  • Although already a soldered assembly, this test clip can also connect to another test lead wire or cable. By soldering wire where the banana socket is located, users can create a continuous jumper to expand electronic test functionality.


  • Chisel-tip (screwdriver) design easily separates a single wire in dense wire groups for easy connection. Additionally, the contact point is a single piece of stainless steel inside an insulated shaft with no sliding contacts in order to ensure accurate test results.
  • V-groove design of the contact tip seats the wire properly for contact and obtains instant continuity by activating the piercing needle on the test hook.
  • Spring loaded, insulation-piercing connection provides sufficient force in order to hold the insulation-piercing needle in place to ensure a strong and reliable connection for electrical testing.
  • Insulation-piercing needle can pierce wires from 0.05 in (1.27 mm) to 0.15 in (3.81 mm). The piercing needle maintains wire integrity after removal of needle from insulation therefore supporting long lasting use.
  • Double female banana socket on test hook accepts a shrouded or unshrouded male standard (4 mm) banana plug. Banana socket is located the side of T-handle, so that technicians can plug leads in from the side.


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