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Can’t Find It? Let Us Customize It For You!

Can’t Find It? Let Us Customize It For You!

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Using a standard product from our catalog, our alligator to banana plug patch cord we were able to accommodate a client’s need to run 115 volts with 11 amps and 220 volts with 7.0 amps through a patch cord by providing a larger gauge wire (14AWG)  in place of the standard 18 AWG. Having various […]

XKM is a worldwide hit!

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Duel Hook Previous Next Previous Next The XKM is a micro-hook with two contact tips duel hook, double hook, double gripper, probe, test clip, SMD clip, IC clip. Popular Uses: using square socket patch cords to be used as a contious jumper to maximize testing components all over at the same time. 0.025 in (0.635 […]

Daisy Chain Jumper – Customised Product for a Small Order


A recent customer required special a multiple hook-up in series. While this isn’t a product listed in our standard category – we were able to put this together for our client with little delay. E-Z-Hook designed the multiple heavy duty connector to fit the customers’ requirement in series connection.  Because it uses our standard products, […]

Quick Draw: Pistol Grip Hooks

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We’re committed to the highest quality products throughout all our line. And we want to make your lives easy, too. We developed the easy to use pistol grip hook provides standard mini-hook convenience with provisions for building in internal resistor circuitry in the handle. It is available in short (X100W style) and long (XL1 style) […]

Hooks and Bananas? No Problem!

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We’ve developed a Mini-Hook X100W with Banana Socket in Plunger test adapter. Part 8036 accepts standard banana socket. Colors: Body available in 10 standard colors. Red plungers are provided with red bodies and black plungers are provided with all other body colors.  

X100W/XR/XH styles mini hook test connector action shot hooked-up to electrical circuit board

Extending our Hook Solutions

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This hook is identical to the standard X100W model except tip has been extended to provide 0.065″ x 0.040″ hole for vertical connection over rectangular wire wrapped pins. We’ve got the X100W2 available in a set of 10 assorted colors or they can be purchased individually.

Original and Best: XL1

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The original long test hook, our XL1 model  simply offers an extended body version of our X100W. The body  is 5″ (127 mm) long to reach through wiring nest up to 4″ (101.6 mm) deep. The blade and hook design is virtually the same as our basic X100W model, and like all of our test […]


Quick Solution for a Complex Hook Problem

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A Government and Defence client needed an effective solution that had to fulfil specific space and material requirements.  The client was looking for a minimally invasive micro piercing connector that makes a mid-line connection. Upon connection, the device needed to remain engaged until removed. Leveraging our automotive macro piercing technology we designed and manufactured two micro […]

Double Gripper? Twice as Effective…

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The XK double gripper is designed for hard to make test connections of varying sizes and shapes. The narrow configuration allows stacking of the test connectors side by side for high density IC packages. The two gold-plated blades are retracted by a single stainless steel compression spring All XKs purchased with factory installed leads (ex. […]