Daisy Chain Jumper – Customised Product for a Small Order

A recent customer required special a multiple hook-up in series. While this isn’t a product listed in our standard category – we were able to put this together for our client with little delay.

E-Z-Hook designed the multiple heavy duty connector to fit the customers’ requirement in series connection.  Because it uses our standard products, simply rearranged to suit a custom environment – we can offer these customized products at great prices.

E-Z-Hook | Daisy Chain Hooks 9099-0382-Model

A multitude of various E-Z-Hook connectors can be connected in this fashion for this type of special requirement.   Look to E-Z-Hook to help solve your problems with quickly hooked up connectors!

2 thoughts on “Daisy Chain Jumper – Customised Product for a Small Order

  1. where can i get Test Leads > Daisy Chain series Jumper assembly with alligator clips red and black wires 10 station??

    1. Hello Mr. Ed,
      I have forwarded your inquiry to our company’s owner and CEO. I apologize for the delay in response in responding to your comment. For quicker turn-around, feel free to email info@e-z-hoook.com in the future. We have the capabilities to make this custom for you and are happy to give you a quote. Look out for an email from a Mr. Charles Wood.

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