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Pin Tip Probe

The Pin Tip 30 Probe has a 0.080″ (2 mm) x 0.350″ (8.9 mm) pin tip mounted in a removable press fit plastic front section. The body of the probe is a tapered nylon E-Z-Grip Handle with finger rest flange for a secure and comfortable grip.



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Pin Tip Probe

The 30 pin tip probe exterior has full nylon insulation with an 0.08 inch tip to make electrical connections. The probe is identical to the 34 needle tip probe, but with the exception of a shorter 0.35 in (8.89 mm) tip length.

  • Other pin tip test probes: (31) with banana socket,


  • Make electrical connection within circuit boards to measure current, voltage, and temperature. The long slim body design provides easy connection in closely spaced or recessed terminals and also on contacts which are small or difficult to access.
  • Often used in conjunction with digital multimeters (DMMs) or other testing equipment, especially in the automotive and electrical industries.


  • The pin tip is 0.08 in (2 mm) in diameter and 0.350 in (8.9 mm) in length. The pointed metal tip is made of nickel-plated steel in order to provide corrosion, rust, heat, and wear resistance. This durable probe and hard steel tip is also great for long-term use.
  • The wire exit hole accepts wire 22-20 AWG or a max wire diameter of 0.175 in (4.45 mm) via a crimp or solder connection.
  • Tapered nylon E-Z-Grip handle with finger rest flange provides a safe, secure, and comfortable grip.


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