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Alligator Clip, 18 AWG PVC Test Lead

The 684 test lead features the 9274 insulated alligator clip to 9274 insulated alligator clip test connector jumper. These test leads utilize 18 AWG PVC wire or 20 AWG coil cord wire.



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Alligator Clip, 18 AWG PVC Test Lead

The 684 is an alligator test lead popular for electrical component testing, circuits, and to create a solid connection. An insulated PVC sleeve covers the metal alligators on this 18 AWG PVC test lead jumper.

  • Other alligator clip jumpers: (284) 22 AWG PVC , (684M) 18 AWG miniature alligator clip, (284M) 22 AWG PVC mini alligator clip.


  • The main use of an alligator clip is for an electrical connection. The clip is attached to components to establish and maintain a connection for product use or testing.


  • Alligator clip jaw opening 0.31 in (7.92 mm); fits over components up to that size.
  • The PVC insulation boot slips over the metal clip to prevent it from touching other metals and creating accidental short.


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