Manufacturing Insulation Piercing Needle Clusters

Our needle clusters are not only manufactured for use in E-Z-Hook products, but sold as raw material components to many of our clients for their specific applications and product designs. We even sell them to “competitors” for use in their products! While we are known manufacturing finished goods or products, many of our raw material components are available for sale, all you need to do is ask. Over 20 years ago we started making these needle clusters for our p/n 82-2. Since that time we have expanded our needle piercing line and product offerings to fit many application requirements in the electronic, automotive, aerospace and defense industy. We currently have variations with 23 to 33 needles.

These part are hand assembled in our manufacturing plant in California by the thousands.  Contact us to meet your design requirements with our needle cluster technology.

E-Z-Hook needle cluster products : XB, 82-2, 8507

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