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18 AWG, PVC Insulated, Wire Spool

The 9506 flexible test lead wire is made with 65 x 36 tinned copper stranding for higher quality flexibility. This spool measures at 28 AWG with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) insulation. With 10 colors and 3 spool lengths available, you have a variety of options to fit your testing requirements.



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18 AWG, PVC Insulated, Wire Spool

The 9506 is a single conductor, stranded hook-up, test lead wire on a durable metal spool. This electrical or industrial wire is highly flexible 18 AWG, 65/36 stranded tinned copper wire, coated with a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) insulation.


  • Used to make internal connections inside enclosed electrical or for general electronic applications, HVAC equipment, machine tools, circuits, and control panels.
  • Used as machine tool wire (MTW) with its a highly stranded  tinned-copper conductor.
  • Good in low-voltage, low current applications such as control panels, meters, and electronic equipment.
  • Perfect for product assembly applications in manufacturing facilities, breadboarding applications, or wire harnesses.
  • Make your own or DIY/custom test leads/patch cords. Utilize E-Z-Hook component or pair with other compatible electronic connectors. Great for hobbyist, robotics and Arduino projects.
  • Industries: aerospace, automotive, defense, computers and computers peripherals, consumer electronics, HVAC, industrial, motor drive and control, military, signal processing.


  • PVC is durable, UV resistant and offers good resilience to acids, oils, and water. It is also easy to strip and cut.
  • High stranded flexible copper wire makes it a good choice for easy use and installation, and higher current carrying capacity.


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